N,N'-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide
N,N'-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide
  • CAS No.:3006-93-7
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N,N'-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide Basic information
Product Name:N,N'-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide
Synonyms:VANAX MBM;1,1’-(1,3-phenylene)bis-1h-pyrrole-5-dione;hva-2curingagent;m-phdm;n,n’-(m-phenylene)bismaleimide;n,n’-(m-phenylene)di-maleimid;N,N'-M-PHENYLENEDIMALEIMIDE;N,N'-1,3-BISMALEIMIDOBENZENE
Product Categories:Homobifunctional Crosslinker;Acrylic Monomers;N-Substituted Maleimides;N-Substituted Maleimides, Succinimides & Phthalimides;Maleimide;Monomers;Curing Agent;rubber additive;rubber auxiliary
Mol File:3006-93-7.mol
N,N'-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide Chemical Properties
Melting point 198-201 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 411.39°C (rough estimate)
density 1.3140 (rough estimate)
vapor pressure 0Pa at 25℃
refractive index 1.5910 (estimate)
Fp >208℃
storage temp. Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
form powder to crystal
color Light yellow to Brown to Dark green
Water Solubility negligible soluble
LogP0.67 at 24℃
CAS DataBase Reference3006-93-7(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry System1H-Pyrrole-2,5-dione, 1,1'-(1,3-phenylene)bis- (3006-93-7)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes T,Xi,T+
Risk Statements 23/24/25-36/37/38-26-22
Safety Statements 27-28-36/37/39-45-38-28A
RIDADR UN 2811 6.1/PG 2
WGK Germany 3
RTECS ON6125000
Hazard Note Irritant
HazardClass 6.1
PackingGroup II
HS Code 38220090
ToxicityLD50 oral in rat: 1370mg/kg
MSDS Information
N,N'-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide English
SigmaAldrich English
ACROS English
N,N'-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide Usage And Synthesis
Chemical Propertiesyellow crystalline powder
Usesrubber vulcanizing agent; rubber crosslinkimg agent
UsesN,N'-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide and sulfur coordination to prevent reversion to improve the heat resistance, reduce heat, anti-aging, improve adhesion of the rubber and tire cord and vulcanized rubber modulus.PDM is a non-sulfur vulcanizing agents solve copper wire and copper electrical contacts because of sulfur vulcanizing agent to generate black copper sulfide pollution problems.
Flammability and ExplosibilityNotclassified
N,N'-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materialsMagnesium acetate tetrahydrate


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